Hittade en text som jag tycker är tänkvärd inför laxsäsongen.. Jag följer inte allt själv ännu men det är ett mål att försöka nå upp till..  /Mattias


Bild från Laerdalselvi


I believe the Atlantic salmon is the finest and most challenging of all our game fish. An angler must strive to reach his instincts rather than his hunger for he cannot digest food on his return to his river. He requires small flies and light tackle for his size, speed and leaping capability.

1. I will fish leagally with fly fishing equipment, using no weight either on my flies or in my line to give the salmon the sanctuary of the deep water which has long been deemed essential to their survival.

2. I will fish only with single or very small double hook lest i foul hook a salmon.

3. I will play my salmon as swiftly as possible in order to give them the best possible chance of survival when released.

4. I will consider that I have not used my tackle to its full capability if any salmon I play required resuscitation. But, if that is the case, I will hold the fish upright, facing into the flow, avoiding any backward movement which might suffocate the fish or allow entry of any foreign material into his gills, until he revives.

5. I will appreciate the healthful pleasure salmon angling gives me and will continue to work for the conservation of the Atlantic salmon by my individual actions and through the organizations striving to insure full restoration of the salmon and its habitat.